Quickbooks Payroll Support

Quickbooks Payroll Support

Quickbooks payroll is one of the responsibilities of business entrepreneurs that Quickbooks helps to simplify. With the help of Intuit Payroll, the admin can integrate with the accounting tool and guarantee that the employees get paid on time without any intricacies. With the help of this guide, you will get information about the tools required to use Quickbooks Payroll Support for a consistent and effective process.

How Does Quickbooks Payroll Support Work?

Quickbooks Payroll is a web-based software aiming to streamline employee taxes and wages. The payroll process starts with collecting important pieces of information like the working hours, salary, and payment deductions of the employees. With the help of this data, QuickBooks payroll calculates the gross wages owned by each employee. Intuit Payroll automatically calculates, files, and pays taxes, which helps to save time. This option is also available if you want to do the whole process manually. For the convenience of the user Quickbooks payroll support offers both desktop and Online/mobile App features so that users can pay their taxes from any particular location.

Classification Of Payroll Support Quickbooks

Intuit QuickBooks provides two types of payroll options based on the demands and size of the business. 

  1. Quickbooks Online Payroll Support:   This convenient tool automates daily payroll activities and connects easily with QuickBooks Online accounting.
  2. Quickbooks Desktop Payroll Support: It provides features like various pay rates, sends estimates, maximizes tax deduction rates, and many more.

Steps to Contact Intuit Payroll Support

Here we learn how to contact support (Quickbooks payroll service) for help. Procedures are the same for both Online and Desktop versions. Follow these steps.

  1. Sign in to your Quickbooks payroll account.
  2. Go to the Help Menu and click on it.
  3. An interface will be open where you will see the option Quickbooks Desktop Support or Quickbooks Online Support. Select according to the preference that you are using.
  4. Then press the tab of Contact Us.
  5. A dialogue box will be open you need to write a summary of the issue that you want to solve. Then move further by clicking the Continue tab.
  6. Quickbooks payroll support offers two options to connect is 
  • Chat with us: A chatbot that offers services 24*7 will listen to your issue and provide solutions to overcome the problem.
  • Have us Call you: If you opt for this then a professional expert will call you and give solutions to resolve the issue.

Pricing Structure

Quickbooks Payroll Support comes with 3 different subscription plans that are the Core plan, the premium plan, and the Elite plan. Here we provide subscription plans and their core features.

Subscription PlansPricing Features
Core Plan$45 per month + $4 per employee.Options are available to provide employee health benefits.
Unlimited 1099 e-filing support.
Chat support is available 24/7 and phone support is through Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Deposits can be completed within one day.
Full-service payroll including automated taxes and forms.
Premium Plan$75 per month + $8 per employee.Deposits can be processed on the same day. 
Mobile time tracking through QuickBooksLogin Time. Offers GPS tracking of employee locations when they’re clocked in and out through the QuickBooks mileage tracker app.
Provide Expert review Option.
The HR support center is present
Elite Plan$125 per month + $10 per employee.QuickBooks Time’s geofencing feature grants employees to clock in and out when they enter and leave an allocated site.
Personal HR advisor for any inquiry at any time.
A professional expert will set your Quickbooks payroll.

Benefits of Using Intuit Payroll Customer Support

Here we mentioned some of the important pros of using Quickbooks payroll support.

  1. Quickbooks payroll support software helps manage user information in an organized and categorized form and helps track the benefits of the companies that provide health insurance and sick leaves.
  2. Quickbooks payroll help helps in preparing the payroll taxes with minimum mistakes. By taking subscription plans their expert will assist you, but you have to prepare your taxes independently.
  3. Intuit Payroll support allows users to access payment and invoice details and book time off. This causes transparency and builds trust among employees.
  4. QBO payroll support allows users to access their details from any location and multiple accounts. 
  5. Quickbooks Workforce records all the transaction and invoices that helps the employee at the end of the year. This will reduce the paperwork.

Limitations of Quickbooks Payroll Support

A few cons are listed below that are related to Quickbooks Payroll Review.

  1. Limited integration with Quickbooks Online.
  2. The subscription plans like premium and elite prices are a little expensive. You need to pay some extra amount as filing fees.

Here we conclude that Quickbooks Payroll Support offers a user-friendly interface that benefits small and medium businesses and helps them manage payroll and taxes. In addition, you will get retirement plans(401(k)), and health benefits with the subscription plans. By following this guide you will be able to solve the problem. For further assistance, you can contact us by visiting our website our expert will assist you. 

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