Download QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool & Crack Password

The Automated Password Reset tool is generally used to reset your QuickBooks admin password in QuickBooks Desktop. When you have lost or forgotten your QuickBooks admin password, then this tool can be very helpful for you. After resetting your password, you can easily log in with QuickBooks Desktop and also access your QuickBooks company files. Some details like license number, contact name, phone number, and zip code will require resetting the password via an automated password reset tool.

QuickBooks Automated password Reset tool

How to Use the Automated Password Reset Tool in QuickBooks

The QuickBooks automated password reset tool is available in three different versions of QuickBooks. So before moving the steps to use this tool, you have to select the version of QuickBooks that you are using.;

  1. U.S version of QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. U.K version of QuickBooks Desktop.
  3. Canadian version of QuickBooks Desktop.

Step 1: Download the QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool

Follow these steps to download the automated password reset tool in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • First of all, you have to download the Automated Password Reset Tool for QuickBooks Desktop. You can use it for resetting your QuickBooks Admin password in any version of QuickBooks Desktop for Windows. 
  • Or download the QuickBooks Tool Hub, and go to the ‘Password Reset‘ section. There you can easily use the tool by finding your Quickbooks version.
  • Then, choose your version of QuickBooks Desktop. The last opened version of QuickBooks must be installed in your system, otherwise, you can’t reset your password:
  1. If you are choosing the QuickBooks for Windows version

There will be options available for you

  • (i) QuickBooks for Windows(2020 or later)
  • (ii) QuickBooks for Windows(2019 or earlier)
  1. If you are choosing QuickBooks Point of Sale

then you have to follow the below procedure;

  • Enter the Licence Number and Business Info that used, when you registered in QuickBooks. 
  • Then, click on the Next button. 
  • The phone number should be 10 digits with no extension at the beginning and the end. If you set the country as the United States, +1 will automatically add your phone number. If you change the country name, then go to the Select Country option, change the phone number manually, and save it.
  • Then, you have to click on the Download tab to download it.
QuickBooks Automated password Reset tool
  • If you see a message like ‘The details you have provided, didn’t match’ then, sign in to your Intuit account and ensure that these details are correct:
  • User name and email address
  • Zip code
  • License number
  • Phone number

You have to make sure that, all the entered details are matching with the information in our system.  

  •  You have to accept the license agreement. The automated password reset tool will download automatically. If it didn’t, then choose the Download Now option. If a pop-up message comes with asking Run or Save the file, then you have to select Save and save it to your desktop.

Step 2: Reset the Admin User Password in QuickBooks Desktop

Now, use the automated password reset tool by resetting the QuickBooks admin password in QuickBooks Desktop. follow the procedure to reset the password;

  • After downloading the automated password reset tool, to run it, you have to enter the token number that you received by email.
  • Choose the same QuickBooks version from the QuickBooks Desktop Products menu.
  • You have to click on Browse for Company File then choose the company file that you are trying to reset the password.
  • You must enter the correct Company File Admin User Name
  • After that, enter your New password and confirm your New Password.
  • In the end, click on the Reset Password tab to finish the process.
  • Now, you can sign in to your company file by using the new password.

How to Create a Strong QuickBooks Password

Here are some of the tips to create or reset a strong password in QuickBooks;

  • Your password should be easy to remember and difficult to crack.
  • The password should be case-sensitive, so you have to check your Caps lock and Num lock keys before entering the password.
  • It should be a minimum of seven characters(letters, numbers, and special characters).
  • At least one uppercase and one number must be in your password.
  • Your password must be space-free.
  • Make sure that, your keyboard is working properly.

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